Why choose Tong Xin Tang

Welcome to Tong Xin Tang Chinese Herbal Clinic, a caring, professional and reliable Chinese medical centre located in the heart of Birmingham. We treat every patient as an individual; our aims are to help patients with their medical and emotional concerns, to share their worries and to promote them a healthy well-being.

With the support of our experienced doctors and staff, we provide the best suitable medical care for each patient. We listen to a patient’s need and desire to assist them for a better and healthier life.

Please come and let us provide you with a total healing experience.


Our Practitioner

Dr. Yuhai Jia obtained his Medical Degree from Xi’an Medical University in 1970, was appointed as Chief Doctor of Shannxi Traditional Chinese Medical Academy and Xi’an Traditional Chinese Medical Professional Institute. In 2002, Dr. Jia became the Clinical Outpatient Expert at the Attached Special Hospital of Shannxi Traditional Chinese Medical Academy, mainly engaged in clinical expert diagnosis of TCM and Acupuncturology. 
In 2003, Dr Jia was appointed as the Standing Vice-Director and Professor of Xi’an TCM Professional Institute, mainly responsible for teaching TCM & Acupuncturology.
With over 40 years’ experience of clinical practice and health care in both Chinese & Western methods, Dr. Jia has specialised knowledge in TCM. He is a renowned medical expert in Xi’an , China, particularly in internal, infertility (men & women) and skin problems. Dr. Jia is continuing his clinical practice in the UK. With his consummate medical skills, Dr Jia has cured many patients by using herbs, acupuncture and acupressure.

Dr. Jingyun Duan obtained her Medical Degree from Xi’an Medical University and a university degree in Shanxi Traditional Chinese Medical Academy.

Engaged in clinical and research work for over 40 years, Dr. Duan has published 48 academic theses and numerous medical treatises.  She has a sound foundation of medical knowledge and extensive practical experience in the treatment of common diseases and diagnosis of recurrent disease.  Dr. Duan has researched gynecological, pediatric and nervous system diseases from both Chinese and Western medical aspects.  She is particularly specialized in treating menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, pelvic inflammatory disease, menopausal syndrome, children's indigestion, diarrhea, respiratory disease, intractable insomnia, depression, neurosis, and fatigue syndrome.

Dr. Duan has made a positive contribution in the promotion of Chinese medicine in United Kingdom.  During her clinical practice in UK, she assists the patients to build confidence in fighting against the disease, takes care of them physically and psychologically.  Dr. Duan has obtained respect and trust from her patients.

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